Beyond Dance and Theater 


MASS is an in-progress art performance project that delves into the rhythmic essence of life through the transformative art of dough-making. In this immersive exploration, performers become a conduit for the interconnectedness of existence, weaving a narrative of resonance and repercussion through the medium of dough. At the heart of this adventure lies the process of dough creation, where each movement carries echoes of past actions and foreshadows future consequences. As performers knea
d, shape, and mold the dough, they channel the pulse of existence, drawing inspiration from the cyclicality of creation and decay.


Editing in progress 
Performer Ryan Nebreja
Cinematography, Rachel Lambright
Modular Theater at CalArts, CA

In this stage setup, a lone figure wears a helmet, concealing their identity. Are they performing for an invisible audience, lost in a world of silent applause? As they shift between moments of theatricality and everyday solitude, one wonders: what lies beneath the surface of their solitary performance?


"Echo" is a project dedicated to depicting the concept of aging through dance. Throughout this endeavor, I accompany Jim Vincent on his exploration as he engages with diverse architectural environments, seeking narratives of vulnerability. As I delve into Jim's interactions within these spaces, I gain insight into his identity as both an individual and a performer. This journey serves as the foundation for crafting a solo stage performance that will genuinely capture his relationship with his surroundings and the contemporary world.


Creative content by Julie Bour and Nicolas Savignano
Cinematography, Nicolas Savignano 
Performers, Jinglin Liao and Julie Bour