Performer, Jim Vincent
Cinematography, Josh Rose
Concept and Direction, Julie Bour

Echo is the initial phase of a collaborative project with celebrated dance artist Jim Vincent, focusing on the theme of aging in dance. This short film vividly brings the concept of aging to life through abstract landscapes, symbolically representing the protagonist's challenges and personal growth in his later years.


Performer, Chloe Crenshaw
Cinematography, Josh Rose
Concept and choreography, Julie Bour

Fragmentation N.1

Performers, Alve Fu and Amelia Whitney
Cinematography, Rachel Lambright
Concept and Direction, Julie Bour

Excerpt of “not a piece yet” presented at Redact, Los Angeles. in collaboration with John Gilkey.

In Between

Director, Ismael Moumin
Cinematography, Nicolas Loir
Choreography, Julie Bour
Dancers, Fanny Sage and Julien Thibault
Produced by Frenzy Paris

Official music video, In Between by singer/songwriter SAGE

One Another

Director, Kevin Frilet
Cinematography, Nicolas Petris
Choreography, Julie Bour
Produced by Dimitri Chamblas and Guillaume De Bary
Dancers: Maya Allen, Shiloh Beckett, Audrey Colette, Damontae Hack, Kehari Hutchinson, Catalina Jackson-Urueña, Nadia Muhammad, Emara Neymour-Jackson, Liessa Son, Jasmine Sugar, Im Vorapharuek, Kevin Zambrano

Our Bread’s Unmaking


Performer, Kayla Aguila
Directed by Julie Bour and josh Rose
Cinematography Josh Rose
Concept and Movement Direction, Julie Bour
Special thanks to Hauser and Wirth Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles


Performers, Im Vorapharuek, Freeda Handelsman, Kehari Hutchinson, Justin Farmer
Choreography, Julie Bour
Cinematography, Josh Rose
Concept and Direction, Julie Bour

Short film adapted from an evening length work presented at Redact, Los Angeles.

Teorema + Nowness

Directed by Massimiliano Bomba
Movement direction, Julie Bour
CalArts dancers: Delisa Bass, Laura Davich, Justin Farmer, Alexandria Garland, Mia Givens, Shannon Hafez, Freeda “Electra” Handelsman, Jinglin Liao, Madison Lynch, William Mallet, Taliha Scott, and Skyler Spiegel. 

Teorema finds itself in the liminal space where the dynamic angularity and softness of choreographed movements coalesce with the stillness of statues. As the film transitions between the airy sculpture garden, claustrophobic corridors and stretched flesh, the film creates a silent dialogue between bodies, objects and spaces.


Brand, Desperados
Art Director, Francois Lesaint
Director, Bruno Aveillan
Choreography, Julie Bour

“Quad director Bruno Aveillan, whose extraordinary, beautiful visual style and epic storytelling we've all come to know for brands such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton, has turned his eye to a concrete jungle, and the urban tribes that inhabit it, for the film "Bump," part of the new worldwide campaign..”  Bruno uses his meticulous attention to every visual detail of the bold fashion of the city dwellers, the iconic LA skyline, and the bounding choreography, to exquisitely unleash the adrenaline and edgy spirit of raw revelry, set to music by The Hives.

— Little Black Book