A Desire for Air

Redact, Los Angeles

Choreography, Julie Bour
Dramaturgy, Nicolas Savignano
Light design, Sevim Abaza
Sound design, Simon Greenberg
Set design, Jadyn Yoon
Performers, Gabriel Jimenez, Ryan Moore, Anthony Nikolchev, Tyler Riggin, Nicholas Ruscica, Christopher Yarrow

Gibbous Moon

Commissioned by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

Choreography Julie Bour
Assistant to the choreographer, Alexandra Damiani
Light designer, Yves Aucoin
Costume designer, 
Music, Kyle Olson
Performers, Navarra Novy-Williams, Ebony Williams, Vania Doutel Vaz, Ida Saki, Acacia Schachte, Jin Young Won


Live at CalArts

Choreography, Julie Bour
Cinematography, Nathaniel…………
Performers, Madison Shelpuk, Kelsey Long, Simon Greenberg, …………….

Blind Men and the Elephant

Commissioned by 10HL

Premiered at New York Live Arts. NYC
Choreography, Julie Bour
Set design, Benjamin Heller
Music, Kyle Olson
Performers, Scott Schneider, Alex Biegelson, Tyner Dumortier, Robert Marke Burke


Commissioned by CalArts Theater School

Taking cues from Albert Camus' myth of Sisyphus, "Solidus" is a stage adaptation featuring 12 actors. Within this production, performers grapple with the balance between lightness and weight. They confront feelings of emptiness and abundance, their words stumbling in the face of the vast universe. Matter saturates the stage, shaping their internal conflicts into opposing or harmonious forces.

Directed by Julie Bour,
Scenic designer, Hester Krog
Lighting designer, Benjamin Wilson
Sound designer, Anna Grossman
Featuring Lauren Baker, Cameron Case, Fiona Dornberger, Everett Keeter, David Kirk, Casey Maione, Mpho Manye, Paige McGhee, Alyxaundrea Munson, Zurah Taylor, Christopher Yarrow, Jacob Young